DMIT Procedure

A traditional psychometric evaluation, such as an interest, aptitude, or personality test, typically requires individuals to respond to a questionnaire or complete specific tasks. In contrast, the DMIT test employs a unique approach involving biometric profiling, utilizing an individual’s genetically defined fingerprint patterns. Participants provide scans of their entire set of fingerprints for analysis. DMIT, which stands for Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test, focuses on the study of fingerprints. The scans cover all fingers, and the distinctive patterns are recorded. Since fingerprints are inherently unique, a comprehensive report is then generated. This report delves into a child’s specific qualities, traits, capabilities, and abilities, providing insights into their innate talents, skills, and potential.And then 1 on 1 Counselling takes place.

  1. Understand DMIT.
  2. Book Appointment With Us.(Online/Visit).
  3. Give Biometrics(Fingerprints).
  4. We will Process them and your report will be generated. You will be notified for the same.
  5. You will be contacted and booked for 1 on 1 Counselling (Online) in detail (If opted).
  6. You will get your printed colored DMIT report for future needs along with pdf copy.
  7. You will provide other references if any (If you want).

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