Frequently Askedp Questions : FAQs

Is there any pain in this test?

Not at all ! Only fingerprint scana are required, which is done by a simple fingerprint scanner.

Do I need to take DMIT again if after some time I want to consult any councellor?

No, as finger prints once formed, at aroung 3/4 years age, donot change.It remains same throughout lifespan.

Can we provide fingerprints from a distance? Will the result be accurate and precise ?

Yes, We have certain techniques with which you can send fingerprints online, and the results are accurate and precise.

Is DMIT dependable technique?

The unique fingerprints of a child begin to take shape during the time spent in the mother’s womb, initiating their development at 13 weeks into the fetal stage. By the 22nd week of fetal growth, these distinctive fingerprints are fully formed and remain constant throughout a person’s lifetime. These imprints are a reflection of our inherent attributes, making the results highly precise. Clients have reported a 95% and above accuracy this test.

At what age DMIT can be done?

4 years and above.

Will we get any hard copy?

You will get full colored hard copy along with pdf copy.

If I give fingerprints, can it be misused?

No, Purrely You do not store any finger prints, they are deleted after analyzing.

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